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Code: 147

Location: Florence historical center

Number of sleep rooms: 5

Surface floor: 107 square meters Energetic efficiency class: <b>F</b><br />IPE: <b>143,70 kWh/m<sup>2</sup> for year</b>

Number of rooms: 5 - Number of bathrooms: 2

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The property can be booked for any number of nights between 3 and 30

Apartment place in an ancient Florentine tower in the historic center of Florence, between Duomo Square and Santa Croce Square, a few steps from the main tourist and cultural places of interest: Piazza del Duomo with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto's Bell Tower and the Baptistery, Piazza Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Museum, the Academy Museum with the original David by Michelangelo, Piazza Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Pitti, Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens are all close to this apartment and within walking distance.

TORRE DONATI APARTMENT, better known as the second tower of Corso Donati (among the principal historical characters in the medieval Florence, known as the man who exiled Dante) and subsequently Tower of the Corbizzi, is classified today as historical residence.
The tower is situated in the Street Matteo Palmieri and is connected to Palace Corbizzi in Plaza St. Pier Maggiore, it develops on 6 levels and it is set in a strategic point for the control of the access of the door of St. Pier Maggiore.
Introduces a portal with ferrule and three asymmetrical windows on the principal side, besides the usual for scaffolding holes. Curious it is the portal to the first floor, which was accessed only through a staircase that was removed during the night: a defensive measure that makes the atmosphere of the political struggles in Florence among the XIII and the XIV century.
The tower has recently been restructured, trying to preserve, to recover and to underline the native characteristics typical of the Florentine towers medioeval and destined to residence.

TORRE DONATI APARTMENT is a typical Florentine house tower, that is develops from 4th to 6th floor by means of an ancient spiral staircase in stone, without elevator, but with an unique view on Florence that makes us endure the discomfort of to climb until 6th floor afoot.
The house tower is composed of: at 4th floor it is found the living room, the kitchen, the storage, the double bed room and two bathroom with window, to 5th floor another double bed room, to 6th and last floor another living room.

- living room on the 4th floor: sofa and small table
- kitchen on the 4th floor: sink, plain cooking at 4 fires, oven, refrigerator with freezer, dishwasher, furniture for kitchen, TV LCD, armchair, table and chairs
- storage/laundry room: washing machine
- double bed room on the 4th floor: matrimonial bed, bedside tables, closet, chest of drawer and chairs
- first bathroom on the 4th floor: washbasin, bidet, toilet and shower
- second bathroom on the 4th floor: washbasin, bidet, toilet and shower
- double bed room on the 5th floor: two single beds (unitable on request), two bedside tables, closet and chest of drawer
- living room on the 6th floor: two sofa, small table, furniture, TV LCD and fireplace
- set laundry from house: sheets, covered, towels and cloth from bath

- surface floor of the house tower: 107 square meters
- floors: ancient Florentine cotto
- floors and coverings baths in ceramics
- doors and windows in wood
- ceilings with old wooden beams
- connection internet wi-fi
- independent heating system and air conditioning
- Energetic Efficency Class F (EPg 143.696 - EPi 100.432)

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION: from 3 to 30 days
Rent price included utilities (electricity, water and gas).

RESIDENTIAL RENTAL: from 1 to 18 months
Special price to month € 2.000,00 not included utilities (electricity, water and gas), to pay to consumption.

Rental fee (list prices for property):

Prices for night
Weekly price
From 08/01/2013 to 28/02/2013
150,00 €
1.050,00 €
From 01/03/2013 to 10/11/2013
180,00 €
1.260,00 €
From 11/11/2013 to 20/12/2013
150,00 €
1.050,00 €
From 21/12/2013 to 08/01/2014
180,00 €
1.260,00 €
From 09/01/2014 to 28/02/2014
150,00 €
1.050,00 €
From 01/03/2014 to 09/11/2014
180,00 €
1.260,00 €
From 11/11/2014 to 20/12/2014
150,00 €
1.050,00 €
From 21/12/2014 to 08/01/2015
180,00 €
1.260,00 €

Percentage "+ increase" or "- reduction" table price for night (% varying in relationship to the duration of the holiday accommodation):

up to 3 nights
week (7 nights)
2nd week
3rd week
4th week
base price to night

Example: variations of the basic price € 150,00 for night
0,00 €
0,00 €
0,00 €
0,00 €
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